Simple change of habit

makes a big difference 

For a healthy earth, 

Green Atelier prepares Home Refill Kit 

composed of 1.6L bulk product 

and semi-permanently reusable glass refill bottle.  

Join our movement of to restore our world 

with easy-to-use refill kit!

Less plastic is fantastic!  

Home Refill Kit(a.k.a Planet Savior)  

reduces plastic waste a 4x speed 

Save money 

and get a quality product! 

With Home Refill Kit,

you can do reasonable consumption at 40% lower cost

Save the planet and your pocket! 

Products available in Bulk

Nude Body Cleanser 

A gentle moisturizing body wash soften rough, dry skin 

and provide deep nourishment to restore health of skin. 

#NeemTree #Betain #Panthenol #Allantoin 

Nude Body Lotion

A soft and safe vegan ingredients body lotion pampers 

and deep-moisturize your skin.

#NeemTree #SunflowerOil #herbs

Decorate your home 

with reusable glass bottle

We designed our glass bottle to be a minimalistic interior item. It will make your usual lotion and cleanser an enjoyable experience.

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