Betaine | The Benefits of Betain for Your Skin

Betaine is a mighty amino acid found in various hair and skin care products. Naturally occurring in the body and often plant-derived from sugar beet— Betaine is a humectant that helps the skin stay hydrated, plump, and youthful.

Betaine Benefits

Betaine acts as a gentle hydrator that helps your skin gain and maintain moisture. Its molecules bond with hydrogen to give Betaine its skin-quenching abilities. This specific molecular structure makes Betaine solvent with a silky smooth feel that translates to your skin.  

Betaine is useful in anti-aging products to help prevent wrinkles. Its moisturizing properties soften skin’s texture and effectively fill increases to reduce the deep appearance of wrinkles.

Betaine soothes and protects the skin. Surprisingly a 50% Betaine solution is less irritating than pure water. Often used in post-procedural skin products, Betaine reduces sensitivity and has a calming effect on the skin. Unlike other products, it doesn’t immobilize water molecules and protects the skin from further damage.  

Green Atelier Products that contain Betain
Advantage of Betaine from Green Atelier

When you choose to use the Green Atelier products that have been specially formulated with betaine from sugar beet, you get the highest grade product available. We never diminish its power by combining it with parabens, sulfates, or other synthetic ingredients. Instead, we’ve combined it with other natural ingredients, like essential oils and green tea, to multiply its beneficial properties.